About Richard Brown

I am a philosopher at the City University of New York. In particular I am a Professor in the Philosophy Program at LaGuardia Community College. I earned my PhD in Philosophy with a concentration in Cognitive Science from the Graduate Center in 2008.

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  1. Socrates acknowledges hat knowledge requires no doubt and says later on says he does not know anything at all. Therefore, why did he decide to sacrifice himself for the moral principles and values on which his life was built ? Didn’t he contradict himself in this way ? Because die willingly for the sake of something is believing in it ,isn’t it ?

  2. I agree there is no such thing as real knowledge . The fact that people might tend to provide an answer to a question that he/she probably has personal experience for does not in fact means his/ her answer is true. Some people answer questions poorly and some don’t , but is there a definite answer ? I hardly think so because what people do is to provide an answer to a question. But no answer is truly right that’s what I think Socrates means by there’s no real knowledge . people try to answer questions from their own experience and their personal life.

  3. Joey Delgado says:

    In response to Jonas Pierre Louis and Jonas Pierre Louis. When Socrates would ask people deep questions, he observed their reactions were negative. He also realized that no one could give him an answer and explain how they came to that conclusion or reasoning. Therefore, led him to think that no one knows the true answers to his questions. Doubt. Socrates believed in something else and the way I see it, there is only one way to find out. Socrates situation was more difficult including pressure. I respect a person with courage to find out the truth rather than live among what I call Zombies

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