For those in the ethics and moral issues course ignore the stuff about pre-socratics and pay special attention to the kinds of questions Socrates was interested in and the Euthyphro problem.


About Richard Brown

I am a philosopher at the City University of New York. In particular I am a Professor in the Philosophy Program at LaGuardia Community College. I earned my PhD in Philosophy with a concentration in Cognitive Science from the Graduate Center in 2008.

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  1. Luis Munoz says:

    I strongly agree with Socrates in his claim that “you are not really living unless you engage is Philosophy”. Hence, “Living the Unexamined Life is not Worth Living”. If one accepts blindly what they are told and never questions it, then we truly are sleepwalkers. I came out the cave along time ago and began to seek the truth. is hard waking up, since they say “ignorance is bliss”. But I rather know that i know nothing, than to think I know and live a lie!!!!

  2. Neo Henry says:

    Before I came here, I was reading an online philosophy textbook. It was very hard to read due to my reading skills being low. But with oral education, it became much easier to understand philosophy. Heck, the beginning was a review to me so I was enjoying the last two videos.

    Thanks for giving your time to making these videos. I might be the few teenagers who are willing to spend time for philosophy but it’s worth the search and the pain to do so.

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